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We are YOUR Office!

Our Service More Than Pays for Itself...Really!

Our service to you as your office more than pays for itself!  How? Simple – Are you missing even 2 calls per month? As your office, we don’t and that means more inspections for you…And more add-on services per inspection for you, too!

Plus, inspectors with an office get more inspections than inspectors who answer their own phone.  Why?  To your caller, an inspector with an office has to be a better inspector than inspectors who answer their own phone.  Better image = more inspections booked for you!

As your personal office, we are committed to your success and believe in fair pricing for our extensive range of services that will:

  • Get You More Inspections
  • Get You More Per Inspection
  • Guarantee Your Professional Image
  • Give You the Competitive Edge
  • Simplify Your Life


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Monthly Base Rate Covers our full range of services: selling and booking inspections, managing your schedule, and front-line customer service; determined by the number of inspectors and can be tailored depending on your situation. Contact Us today for a quote.
Per Appointment Scheduled “Sales Commission” for a job well done, billed to you only AFTER the inspection is completed. Comprehensive and Extended service packages available. Contact Us today for a quote.
Registration Fee One-time only fee for the application process, setting up your company database, consultations with you, etc. Determined by the number of inspectors. Contact Us today for a quote.
Rescheduling Charge NO CHARGE
Cancellation Charge NO CHARGE
Schedule Maintenance NO CHARGE
Promote Add-On Services NO CHARGE
Website Schedule Access NO CHARGE
Message Charge NO CHARGE
Urgent Message Charge NO CHARGE
Toll Free Number NO CHARGE
Long Distance Charges NO CHARGE
Contract Term NO CONTRACT…You are the Boss!


We are confident America’s Call Center – Inspector Office Solutions can increase your monthly sales by several times the cost of our services. This is based on our 60+ hours of phone coverage six days a week, the guaranteed professional image our experienced service and phone coverage will provide your company, and the competitive edge our services will provide… no calls are missed and inspections are captured!

Our service is less costly than alternative methods such as hiring an employee. So, you not only save the expense of salaries, employment taxes, benefits, etc., but you avoid the headaches of hiring, training, maintaining, and retaining a skilled employee. Plus, America’s Call Center doesn’t take vacations, call in sick, and works hard for you over 11 hours a day!

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