75 Awesome Social Media Content Ideas For Home Inspection Business Owners

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If you’re an inspection business owner, you know now more than ever how crucial it is to build a strong online presence. There are a lot of things to consider when trying to accomplish this, but one of the more vital parts to achieving a stronger digital footprint and presence online is through social media.

Few entrepreneurs and business owners these days would argue against the importance of having active social media profiles. Over the years, social media has evolved from a social networking platform into a powerful marketing platform. And businesses have been taking advantage of this opportunity every step of the way.

Social media has more than 4 billion users worldwide. And on average, a social media user spends nearly 2 ½ hours a day on social platforms. This means that if used well, those 2 ½ hours every day can offer an incredible opportunity for your inspection business to create brand awareness, attract more traffic, boost your sales, and increase your overall conversion rate.

However, one of the biggest hurdles for inspection business owners to overcome when using social media to help grow their business is what to post. Sure, it’s easy to understand that you should post content that your audience and customers will actually like and be interested in, but that’s easier said than done. And it’s often what holds most inspectors back from doing it on a more regular basis or at all.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 75 great content ideas you can try out that will direct attention to your posts and engage your audience with your brand.

Before you dive in though, there are a couple of things to remember on your way to gaining the right attention from your audience and engaging them in a way that produces positive results.

Social media is still about being “social.” That means you must be careful not to always be “selling” your services and business in your posts. A good rule of thumb is to only post highly promotional or overtly salesy content 10-20% of the time.

So, if 80-90% of the content shouldn’t be “salesy,” what should it be?

The content you post for your business on social media should be in keeping with how you want people to think and feel about you and your brand. And here’s a no-brainer, you want people to think well of you and your brand. Not the opposite. So, as we learned from our parents when it comes to discussing topics with people you don’t know, it’s probably best to avoid politics and religion. Other than that, simply post content that paints you and/or your business in a positive light.

With those basic guidelines in place, here are 75 awesome social media content ideas for home inspection business owners:

Share Quotes:

  • Share a funny, thoughtful, or meaningful quote from a fellow inspector or industry leader
  • Share an inspirational quote and tell your audience what you think about that specific quote or how it inspired you in some way.
  • Share your favorite quote (create a graphic for this) and ask your audience to share their favorite quote

Ask Questions:

  • Ask your audience what their biggest struggle in business is
  • Ask them what you should post about next or what they’d like to hear about inspections or your business
  • Ask which topic you should cover in a live video or “how-to”
  • Ask business or industry questions of other inspectors that could be helpful to the industry or your audience
  • Ask for recommendations (books, courses, software resources, etc.) that could help you improve your inspection business in some way

Incorporate Days of the Week & Trending Hashtags:

  1. Motivational Monday (motivate your audience) – #MotivationMonday, #MondayMotivation
  2. Tip Tuesday (anything helpful to your audience) – #TipTuesday, #TuesdayTips
  3. Tuesday Trivia (something fun or insightful that your audience might not know) – #TuesdayTrivia
  4. Wisdom Wednesday (show your experience and smarts about home inspections or something that might be helpful to your audience) – #WisdomWednesday
  5. Throwback Thursday (photos of a trip to an industry conference, a notable inspection, something to do with your team or family, business milestones) – #ThrowbackThursday
  6. Thursday Thoughts (insights you or someone on your team might share) – #ThursdayThoughts
  7. Friday Fun (anything “fun” or interesting from the field or industry) – #FridayFun
  8. Friday Feeling (insights, thoughts, etc. that are of some value to your audience) – #FridayFeeling

Offer Promotions:

  1. Offer up a coupon code for your services
  2. Talk about a new ancillary service you’ve added

Create Videos:

  1. Host a webinar
  2. Make a live video (on profile, page, group, or stories)
  3. Host a giveaway (on a live video)
  4. Create a video with a couple of tips (from a blog from your website), then tell your audience they can find more tips on your blog post (share a link)
  5. Do an interview with an employee in your company
  6. Do a short video showing behind the scenes of an inspection
  7. Host an “Ask Me Anything” live video
  8. Share a step-by-step, “how-to” tutorial on basic things a homeowner can “inspect” before they list their home

Create a Challenge:

  1. Create a challenge for your audience (example: find the flaw in a photo from a recent inspection)

Create Giveaways and Freebies:

  1. Giveaway products, services, or prizes to your top fans
  2. Host a BIG Giveaway (create rules: they have to like, comment, and share your post or video)
  3. Giveaway a 15 min coaching call
  4. Make a Freebie e-Book and give it away in exchange for their email address

Mention Your Followers:

  1. Welcome new followers and thank them for joining your inspection business page
  2. Shoutout to your top follower (or top 3 followers – these tend to be the most engaged)
  3. Celebrate when you hit major audience growth marks on your social channels (300 followers or more) and thank them
  4. Gather and share testimonials from clients and thank them
  5. Create a VIP list and each week choose 1 winner and send them the link to your VIP list where they will get at least 1 Freebie per month

Cross-Promote Content:

  1. Share your Instagram post on your Facebook page and vice versa
  2. Create a similar post and share it on all social media platforms (spread them out throughout the week)
  3. Use the same or similar photo/graphics on other social media platforms
  4. Share a link to your social media pages on your other social media pages (ex. share a link to your Instagram page on your Facebook page) ask people to follow you, and follow them back
  5. Share your Social media content to your email list (some will engage on your posts) and add an option to follow your social media pages

Conduct a Poll:

  1. Create a Facebook Poll in a live video (ask a specific question)
  2. Create a Facebook Poll on your business page (something of value to your audience that you can share the results on later)
  3. Create a Poll in your Facebook stories (group, page, profile)
  4. Create a Poll in Instagram stories

Share Tips & Resources:

  1. Talk about specific things on an inspection (right way and wrong way)
  2. Talk about industry leaders or companies providing extra value to inspectors
  3. Explain how you prepare for an inspection or a busy week of inspections
  4. Talk about something unique to your area and how that’s important to an inspection
  5. Talk about your top business tools that save you time and create success

Get Personal:

  1. Create an “Ask me anything” post and answer people’s questions
  2. Share what’s on your bucket list
  3. Talk about groups or non-profits you participate in or support
  4. Talk about and post images of inspection industry conferences you attended
  5. Talk about why you became an inspector or inspection business owner (be positive)
  6. Talk about why you’re proud of a team member
  7. Talk about someone who inspires you and why

Promote Blog Posts:

  1. Share your new blog post on social media
  2. Re-share your older blog post (incentive to create more “evergreen” content)
  3. Share someone else’s blog post and explain why it has value
  4. Share someone else’s blog post to which you made contributions

A Few More Content Ideas:

  1. Create fill-in-the-blank posts
  2. Create a post “Guess the right answer” (something about the inspection industry or your business – create a poll or give them A, B, C options)
  3. Share your favorite podcasts
  4. Share some statistics about inspections, the industry, and the housing market
  5. Create a case study and share it on social media
  6. Create a funny or thoughtful meme
  7. Create an infographic on (the inspection process, things to look for when hiring a home inspector, things to consider for a pre-listing inspection, top 4 overlooked things when getting ready to sell your house)
  8. Create a checklist of the things every home inspection MUST include
  9. Talk about your WHY as an inspector or business owner
  10. Share fun facts about you, your team members, or your inspection business
  11. Wish everyone Happy Holidays (and add basic content for key national holidays)
  12. Create a “day in the life” of [employee or team member] post
  13. Recommend someone else your audience should follow
  14. Post a photo and ask your followers to create a title for it