Update from Aaron Ziomek, GM ACC

Aaron Zeomek

We’re officially into fall, traditionally the beginning of the slower months for the inspection industry as a whole.

We just continue to be in a strange period. Every day, analysts and economic experts change their stance, as one day’s news provides a different picture from the previous day’s news.

And we all know the housing market is still correcting. Our economy, the housing market, and the impacts of it all on our inspection industry is saddled with more questions than answers. Too much speculation and too little confirmation.

Don’t be overwhelmed or freeze up because of all the noise.

I continue to urge our inspector customers to observe carefully the genuine signs of concern right now, but thoughtfully balance it by recognizing the many signs that are actually encouraging. It’s the only way you’ll have a more complete and informed view of the industry landscape and what changes, if any, you’ll need to make at any given time during the lifecycle of your business.

For many inspectors, the slower season has arrived…so, you should be making adjustments for your business already. Could it be slower this winter than in the past few years? Maybe. Maybe not.

Need some help in planning for both scenarios? Lean on us.

No one inspector or business is like another. That’s why you’ll get tailored feedback, insights and solutions from us that can help your specific business achieve greater success in the coming months and years.

Well beyond just answering your phones or booking your inspections – we’re looking for methods and developing approaches every day to help you bridge any difficult period while always helping you maximize opportunities during more favorable growth periods. Make the day great,